"...Ms. Robinson is also a great communicator. She demonstrates patience with clients who are oftentimes confused or ill-informed, and finds clear, concise recommendations to clients based on the situation that they may find themselves in." - Andrew P., Health Program Manager

"Let's Work Together to find the Path to a Better You"

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Zipporah Robinson

Career Consultant / Coach


Bachelor's of Arts:



Specialization Certificate:

Project Management and Other Tools for Career Development

Hello! My name is Ms. Z. From college to real-world, I help transform people's lives and professional careers by helping them focus on their goals so that they can thrive!

For over 20 years, I had been in the workforce helping people make better choices. In between that time, I helped people to build, develop and hone essential skills needed to navigate their academic, personal and work-life.

I began my professional career in Chicago where I worked with community leaders, medical professionals, students, faculty, and academic leaders.


Full-time, I currently work alongside key members of a senior-level academic leadership team to mentor and coach young people as they are at the beginning of their adult lives and professional journey, adjusting it or expanding it. 

Being a professional, I have also seen the lows associated with the grueling process of not having capable hands to guide you on your journey.


As an educator, coach, and mentor, my mission is to bring clarity, direction, and positive support for my clients. Are you looking for success in your life or career. Please reach out!

What is a Success Coach?

A Success Coach...

  • Guides people with various strategies to achieve the clients view of success in their goals, make better choices and overcome obstacles.

  • Inspires people to become better versions of themselves by uncovering internal motivations and connections to short and long-term goals so that clients become more proactive and less reactive to perceived challenges.

  • Is your champion, mentor, advocate, advisor, confidant, and strategist who will propel you toward achieving your goals.

Who I work with:

  • Students, 1st timer job hunters

  • Recent undergraduates

  • Experienced workers

  • 1st level management

  • Gig Workers, Independent Contractors, Freelancers

  • Retirees



Chicago, Il

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