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How To Design the Career That You Want

Updated: Jan 12

So many people are unhappy in their jobs or careers. They feel stuck, unmotivated, unappreciated, and underpaid. But, when they find another job, career, or get a promotion, they have the same problem. Does this sound like you? Well, stick around for the top 3 things that will help you to design the career you actually want and most likely enjoy!

I'm Ms. Z and I help people create goals in their careers and lives to become a better version of themselves so that they can enjoy their professional and personal life. So, let's get down to those tips!

1. Know What You Need

You might say, "I need a job that pays me good money." There was this guy I worked with years ago that said his motivation for his current job was the good money he was making. Fast forward, he couldn't function at work and slacking heavily because his love life was in shambles. I guess money couldn't pull him out of his rut enough to motivate him to do satisfactory work. So, how do you find out what you truly need?

Well, you have to ask yourself a lot of questions. Here' just a few:

  • How does this necessity impact my life?

  • How does this necessity impact those that depend on me?

  • What would happen if this necessity wasn't met?

Answering these questions will actually give you a peek into the difference between needs and desires. And, yes, sometimes we have to do what we need to get what we want. But, at what expense? What's the sense of living a life solely doing what you need if can't enjoy any part of what you want. That's not a fulfilling life at all. And that's not a better's a bitter you!

2. Know Your Heart's Desire

Incorporate your desires into your career. How? One of my clients had 15 years of experience as an Executive / Personal Assistant. But, she enjoyed the arts, specifically fashion and dance (she actually used to be a dance teacher). The job she applied for was a PA position for an aggregator company.

How can she leverage this? The same way anyone should. Tell yourself (and your future employer):

  • "I would love to use my background in the arts to further this position by pursuing additional professional development opportunities to learn things such as PhotoShop, or Adobe programs and therefore widening my use within your organization."

Now you try it...

  • "I would love to use my background in _______ to further this position by pursuing additional professional development opportunities to _________ such as _________ and therefore widening my use within your organization."

See what I did there: 1) I offered my extra talent; 2) as an opportunity to be coachable; 3) so that both the organization and I could mutually benefit. Who can resist that offer? Not only does the organization get what they want, but the employee's engagement in the role creates less of a chance for a turnover. That's a win-win for both employee and employer.

3. Become The Expert of What Your Creating

While in the process of creating your career, look for opportunities to grow in it. There are so many in-person and online opportunities to learn more. Indulge in learning and growing your knowledge. The more you know, the more solidified you are in your confidence to speak on it or to demonstrate it. Where can you find such opportunities?

Learn more about how your desires can make you better at your job. The more you know about your dream career, the more confidence you'll have at achieving it. Become the guru of your career path.


Be confident in knowing what you need, what your heart desires, and becoming an expert in your creation. The 3 top tips above will keep your desires face-forward and allow you to continue seeking opportunities to create a career that's more enjoyable. You're designing it, so decide it!!!

If you want to know more details on how to design a career just for you, you can email me at or sign up for my 8 week signature program "Success Shaping Strategy."

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