Success Shaping Strategy
Signature Program

8 Week Coaching
Let's work togther to design your personal or professional
path to success


  • Weekly 1 hour virtual meet-up

  • Weekly personalized emails


  • Intake Session

  • Foundation: The Base of What You Truly Need 

  • Exploration:  Examining What You Really Want

  • Revelation: Uncovering the Hidden Path

  • Negotiation: Get What What You Deserve 

  • Transformation: Remapping Your Path

  • Initiation: The First Steps of Your New Path

  • Final / Wrap Up Session

Things We'll Accomplish

  • Figure out the root of what you need and want and why you need and desire it to be successful

  • Reveal options that are available to you and that you deserve to have in order to be successful

  • Readjust your current view to make room to accomodate for the better you

Let's Work Together!!!